Company Vision and Principles:

- Customer Satisfaction

- Honesty

- Team Work and Cooperation

- Compliance with Deadlines and Commitments

- Socially and Environmentally Responsible

- Respect for Individuals and Cultures


CA Engineering Company was founded as an Engineering Company who

is able to provide turnkey solutions with a mix of expert manufacturing

capabilities in Bursa/ Karacabey in 2014.  

Founded on our core competence of value engineering and project

management, we build systems, manufacture components and

programme work packages for customers who require high

quality, documentation intensive service where our ability to help them

optimise design for manufacture is important. Our cost-efficient

solutions are being handled by us as turnkey projects which

are contained engineering design, automation, electrical contracting

and LV cabin installation with high standard system modularity play

a decisive role too. Our difference, our customers are able to

contact us as single point for quick response and lean communication

requirements during to their complex projects. We are committed to the

highest standards in service, reliability, safety and cost

containment in our industry. Our fundamental aim is to grow with our

customers. Therefore, our customer satisfaction is our top priority to be

a permanent and trustable firm…